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Math magic 2

Last week in class whilst finishing your work on Project 2 you saw some more great maths magic.

4170931706_8a3d75244b_mWe have to thank one of the greatest mathematicians of all times for this magic, Leonhard Euler! His work with vertices, faces and edges led to the creation of new fields of mathematics – graph theory and topology.

Here are some activities you can do related to some famous problems that have something to do with Euler’s magic with faces, edges and vertices.

The seven bridges of Königsberg


Play a game online

Four Colour Theorem

graph colouring

Play a game online

Tiling the plane


Which regular polygons tile the plane?


And to finish what about a game of Brussels Sprouts?



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Math magic 1

We have been looking at some really magical numbers in math class. Prime Numbers!

Here are some games to help you recognise and remember them!



Resultado de imagen de prime numbers

And here is a challenge for you about divisors and composite numbers!

What is the smallest number with 14 divisors???


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